UGFN動起來!白板動畫翻轉「自然」課堂 Flipped Classroom with Whiteboard Animations




*這項計劃由Micro-Module Courseware Development Grant資助。



UGFN-animated: Flipped Classroom with Whiteboard Animations

“In Dialogue with Nature” (UGFN1000) requires students to read natural science-related texts before interactive tutorials to discuss some central issues, such as “What is life?” and “What is mind?” According to our experience, students are very interested to reflect on these issues but it is difficult to have in-depth discussion. In view of this, we have initiated the “UGFN-animated” project* to provide pre-requisite knowledge for controversial issues. Instead of conventional video recording of short lectures, whiteboard animations will be used to enrich student’s learning experience. They enable step-by-step illustrations with voice-over narration to explain complicated and abstract ideas in an interesting and attractive way. At this stage, two modules containing four short whiteboard animations have been developed. The first module “Scientific Enquiry of Life” illustrates the biological process such as gene expression and its regulation in response to the environment. The second module “Scientific Enquiry of Mind” explains where our minds come from and whether we have free will. These four animations will be available in the coming semester. We expect more whiteboard animations will be produced in the future.

*This project is funded by Micro-Module Courseware Development Grant.