【UGE APPS】閱讀篇章備課覺得茫無頭緒? 兩個伴讀工具等你下載 Two Mobile Apps as Study Companion

Daimon    DAIMON – UGFH 1000 In Dialogue with Humanity


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In Plato’s Symposium, the Greek word daimōn refers to the spiritual being that is the intermediary between gods and humans. Daimōn personifies the motivation in the pursuit of knowledge. This app was developed for the General Education Foundation Course In Dialogue with Humanity. It serves as a reading companion and as a means for self-assessment of understanding of the selected texts.
Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad Version available


ogeApp FN    DiaNable – UGFN 1000 In Dialogue with Nature



(NEW!)VERSION3.0新功能: Outline功能會提示你篇章中每段的段落大意,幫助你掌握篇章脈絡,備課更有效率!


This app serves as a reading companion and students’ self-evaluation of their understanding of selected texts in In Dialogue with Nature, the textbook of “UGFN 1000 In Dialogue with Nature”.
 (NEW!)VERSION3.0: OUTLINE of each selected texts is now available! It can help you locate the core message of each paragraph, definitely will help you read more efficiently.
Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad Version available


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